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5 Open Source Health IT Tools

Five Health IT tools of interest –

  1. Open EMR – http://open-emr.org/
  2. Clinical Decision Support: http://www.opencds.org/
  3. Terminology Service, CTS2: http://informatics.mayo.edu/cts2/index.php/Main_Page
  4. Health care Bus,
    1. OMG : http://www.omg.org/spec/RLUS/
    2. HSSP: http://hssp.wikispaces.com/
  5. Information, United States Health Information Knowledgebase: https://ushik.ahrq.gov/index.jsp?enableAsynchronousLoading=true

HealthVault PowerShell Module – The beginnings.

Let me show you some awesomeness, and then I’ll explain what’s going on! Continue reading →

Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2011

Myself and my esteemed colleague, Ali Emami will be at OSCON starting tomorrow. The healthcare track this year is packed with great content, we will be touching on HealthVault and Microsoft’s participation in the Direct project.

Last year I talked about Programming Healthcare Silos, the Direct project is an innovative way to bridge the silos in Healthcare and provide a secure provider to provider and provider to patient mode of data exchange.

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Enhanced HealthVault Java Library!

The first release (R1.0) of HealthVault Java Library has been very successful and is being extensively used by HealthVault partners. This library provides basic capabilities to authenticate and exchange XML with HealthVault platform.

Over last few months, thanks to Rob, Siddhartha & Ali we have gained some momentum in developing this library. The current beta release (JAXB integration) includes beginnings of an object model for HealthVault methods and types.  Kudos to Rob for

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some great work here.

If you are already using the community supported HealthVault Java Library, I would encourage you to try  the new JAXB Integration release. It will be great to get your feedback before we make this work as our core development codebase. If you are new to working with HealthVault from Java please follow the getting started guide.

Looking forward to comments, feedback and contributions!


Working with HealthVault XML APIs

Last year I did an N-part series about working with HealthVault XML APIs. It was implemented with ruby on UBuntu Linux system using OpenSSL. I got time to go mark all those articles with next links and I thought i would summarize the series here:

  1. Part 1: Working with certificates using OpenSSL
  2. Part 2: Talking to HealthVault anonymously
  3. Part 3: Authenticating your application with HealthVault
  4. Part 4: Authenticating the user in context of your application with HealthVault
  5. Part 5: Putting it all together
  6. Part 6: Doing offline access with HealthVault

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One of our partners has also implemented Drop Off Pick Up solution in ruby using the above articles. Hopefully sometime in near future, I’ll convince them to do a blog post about the same.