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3 Interesting upcoming health events

3 Interesting upcoming health events –

  1. MedicineX – http://medicinex.stanford.edu/
  2. ConsumerHealthSummit – http://consumerhealthsummit2013.com/
  3. Bluebutton Hatch – http://vote.healthtechhatch.com/forums/217623-blue-button-crowdvote

Seattle Quantified Self Show & Tell

Yesterday was the third Seattle Quantified Self Show & Tell.

For those new to the idea, Quantified Self is a forum for users and tool makers to interact and share knowledge, experiences, tips & tricks to enable better self discovery through tracking. The Seattle chapter of this forum is managed by great folks at Habitlabs (Buster & Amelia) and Limeade (David).

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Windows Phone 7 Health and Life Sciences App Contest

Get your creative geek on and be part of the Health and Life Sciences application contest. The ten winning entries get an XBOX 360 console with Kinect for each team participant and a chance to make difference in Healthcare!


In addition to the application ideas on the contest website feel free to use the resources from Health hack-a-thons. Perhaps it will be great to see some mash-ups using data from http://www.data.gov/health.

Drop me a note if you need help connecting your mobile applications with HealthVault or are trying to explore the Health datasets.

Update: If you want to take your project to the next level, RockHealth might have some seed funding for you!

Programming HealthCare Silos – my OSCON’10 Talk

I’ll be presenting a talk called “Programming HealthCare Silos” at Open Source Conference 2010 on July 23rd. I’m really excited about the talk, I feel honored to get an opportunity to present at OSCON. OSCON is a very prestigious venue, with a huge of mindshare in software community and who’s who on the attendee and speaker list.

If you are planning to attend the conference do drop me a note, and perhaps some check-out my talk. I’m also looking for audience for dry-runs of my talk..

Body By Science

Thought this might be an interesting post from my personal blog.