PutThings for OfflineAccess

Folks trying to talk through raw xml layer with HealthVault have asked this a few times – so i thought I’ll put it up here, thanks to Rob for digging the XML.

The key to do a PutThings for an application in offline mode is the following snippet in the auth-session:


An application with OfflineAccess is ready to publish data in a users record once it successfully does the CreateAuthenticateSession call. Here is a sample PutThings call:


PutThings 1 22210250-3d35-4170-bffa-514e12e7f925 ASAAAEJsFrdImoBPhEuDFRUObCKOvcbsicri3tSAaYRo+dQIg1Rsl9/Au7pM2YYfTdN2z0VlRnz4G5iCaSjXIFQGiG98qmaKy8IMt63b1FMahGKC13JVjpBA7LOAvKgpOkv7GJm7xrUlEyQWwSL39dzMTcuiyLB12hugNYIBB9r8pYOJhlLcD/Y0lEDHMTH+XbqZXSdF0SAoq60OWEXkPhTeaKrN8fNq 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 en US 2008-08-13T00:24:58.126-07:00 60 v08Nd7MFCdO8aDwIOFJvU/0TpWw= 3d34d87e-7fc1-4153-800f-f56592cb0d17 2008813777777
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